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By reviewing this site and our vast tax library, you can determine if you should handle Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your own or if you really need professional help. If you do need help with CRA audits, assessments or CRA collections on tax debts, we would be delighted to come to your rescue. Fighting CRA is not a job for the weak at heart, if the company you are considering hiring does not deal with tax problems full time, they may not have the needed experience required to deal with serious tax issues. Dealing with CRA is not a side business for us, but if you really just can’t afford to pay for professional help, then watch our video library and carefully read our tax library as a crash course in dealing with CRA and you will at least be informed.

We are your CRA Shield


There is never a day goes by that we are not in direct contact with CRA, protecting our clients' tax dollars and handling CRA Tax Debt Problems, or dealing with an aggressive
CRA Collections officer.

If you don’t want to talk to CRA contact us and we will take you off the CRA hot seat.

It is this extensive experience that makes us the best Tax Representative firm in Canada. We are an affordable solution to solving all your tax problems.


Contact us now. We will take immediate action to get you out of the Panic Room.

Click on the Learn More button above and fill out the form. Help will be on it's way. Not only will we resolve your current situation, but we will help you avoid future problems.

Tax problems are really just a symptom. If you fix the real problem, the symptoms go away. An audit is “EVIDENCE” of bad bookkeeping or bad tax returns. Our company will not only fix the symptoms but we will also deal with the underlying problems.

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Tax Debt Problems

If you are in trouble trying to resolve a big tax debt problem with CRA, you need help. CRA may want their money now, but there are measures we can take to back them off.  If your tax problem is a tax debt that you need resolution to and or a payment plan for, we can help.

If you have a tax debt and you need to be refinanced, but cannot borrow because you have a tax debt, we can assist in the selection of the right lender to get you out of the catch-22 and get the financing you need to pay off CRA.

Dealing with CRA and Tax Debt Problems requires the services of an experienced specialist who is prepared to roll up their sleeves and fight in your best interests.

Tax Debt and Bankruptcy

Dealing with bankruptcy is a highly stressful experience. Trustees work for the creditors and you may want to have someone working for you. For anyone who has experienced the after pain of a CRA unmanageable tax debt, they will love our Insolvency Representation Program, where we guide you through the maze of dealing with tax debt, trustees, and the onerous details that insolvency entails. A Trustee’s Duty of Loyalty is firstly to the creditors, and secondly to the insolvent client. Our first duty of loyalty is to our clients. We work closely with the Trustee to ensure that your best interests are looked after. The Trustees like our work because it makes their job so much easier. We can provide this unique service by way of our own high-end custom accounting and insolvency software built from the ground up, combined with our expertise for a safe journey on your way to financial relief.

Litigation Support

We provide audit-ready accounting in support of litigation for lawyers and clients who intend to represent themselves or prepare for their lawyers. Our highly detailed accounting removes any doubt as to the accuracy of our work.  This service can make all the difference when it comes to fighting for your rights. In knowledge there is power. Doing things right can make all the difference in the world. Our service is highly cost effective.
In terms of expert witness services, we have an international legal expert who is a…


Canada’s Best Tax Problem Library

At TAS we strive to provide you with the latest and greatest articles and information about the world of tax. Whether you are a tax professional or a taxpayer trying to understand the complexities of dealing with CRA, this library is likely the best in Canada. Accounting is not just numbers, it has become an issue of how to deal with an aggressive Tax Audit and Tax Collections Agency and stay out of tax trouble.  Please select the appropriate category to see articles on your chosen subject.

Audit Ready Bookkeeping

AUDIT READY BOOKKEEPING DEFINED: There is a lot of knowledge and skill involved with keeping Audit Ready Books and records. Audit Ready Bookkeeping requires a blend of tax law, accounting principles and knowing how best to present the data to CRA Auditors. The devil is always in the details, and most of all, Audit Ready Books need to be prepared by an experienced Audit Professional.

Self Help

If you are planning on fighting the tax man on your own, consider using our support services. You know in your gut that you have a problem that requires professional help. You have come to the right place at the right time. If you have a serious situation with the Canada Revenue Agency, you cannot fool around, you need to take action now.



When it comes to dealing with CRA, this is not a kinder gentler Canada. Dealing with CRA can and does become a tax nightmare for Canadians trying to handle CRA by themselves. Read what some of our clients have to say about our services:

"As a self-employed person, for years I used the services of a local tax preparer to prepare my income tax returns. This person was less than scrupulous, and huge tax problems reared their head....

Who We Are

We are a national tax firm that is open and transparent about who we are and what we do. You will see from our office photo gallery of real pictures with our own real people, who really work in these offices. (These are not stock template photos of actors.) We are much more than a micro business, we are a national firm representing Canadians from coast to coast helping Canadian Taxpayers solve serious Canadian Tax Problems.

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Dealing with the Tax Man


Too many Canadians think that if they call Canada Revenue Agency and ask for help with their problems they will get honest compassionate help. In many cases, that is just simply not so. If the information given to you is not in writing, you cannot count on it being true. You can tell from the Government Deficit that they need to balance the budget, and collecting taxes is what CRA’s focus is on. CRA will leave no Tax Stone unturned. If you need tax information, you need to contact a firm that deals with tax problems as its core competency. That is what we are all about; solving Canadian Tax Problems.


Cost of Audits

Tax payers have the right to have the cost of compliance taken into consideration. That being said tax payers need to understand a critical cost factor of audits. The less prepared you are and the less represented you are, the greater the cost of the audit. The greatest cost of an audit is not just a tax bill much higher than it ought to be.

Case Studies

Over the years, we have come across many different and varied scenarios that have presented some precarious problems for our team. The experience we have garnered through these many cases enable us to be better prepared for your tax issue. Have a read through our Case Studies to learn more!


Am I alone out there? No, you are not alone. Millions of Canadians have suffered in the same way you are. Read through our Frequently Asked Questions!

 TAS is a member of the Society of Professional Tax Representatives